Shumita Sen(Volunteer) — December 14, 2014

Shumita Sen(Volunteer)

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent work Mission Heal is carrying out in uplifting under- priviledged children. By providing opportunities to needy children, Mission Heal is investing in a better future for India, since children are the future. The social initiatives undertaken by the organization have been tremendously successful and have benefited children from the most alienated and deprived sections of society. Hope Mission Heal continues its work and expands its philanthropic activities, so that greater benefits can accrue to those who need them the most.

Kshitij Jambh(Volunteer) — October 12, 2014

Kshitij Jambh(Volunteer)

I appreciate the efforts taken up by Mission Heal in the field of Education and Health of the underprivileged children in India. My association with Mission Heal goes way back in the year 2012.I value the relief measures taken by this NGO and expect other NGOs to work in the same manner.

Amit Singh(Volunteer) — October 8, 2014

Amit Singh(Volunteer)

I have been associated with Mission Heal for over one and a half years now and admire their commitment towards helping children. I believe that children are the future of the country and investment in them would mean an investment in India’s future. Besides, grooming children from their childhood makes them responsible and self-confident individuals.
I encourage other organizations to have a similar operation process, so that donor’s also are kept abreast of the activities of the organization.

Kusum Pandey(Volunteer) — July 23, 2014
Milind Kumar(Volunteer) — March 2, 2014

Milind Kumar(Volunteer)

Mission Heal is working for the actual needs of children. Mission Heal works on giving education to children. Staff & teachers have also got enthusiastic experiences of co-operation, discipline & sharing their own views for children’s development.

Mission Heal is doing good work in Education & social development sector. We want to see Mission Heal growing more & more.